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We specialize in curating "design-it-yourself" Fresh Flower Boxes full of seasonal blooms, and all the bits and greens needed to make your own flower arrangements. We ship from our farm in Ecuador to your doorstep. Our collections feature different kinds of flowers every season. The color palette of each collection remains constant, to always match your favorite selected aesthetic.

We are Magnaflor You®. We believe that everyone a creative side within them waiting for the opportunity to be expressed. With the right ingredients and guidance, we know that we are all capable of creating magical things. For this reason, we have made it our company's goal to provide our customers the gifts Mother Nature provides us, so they can be turned into marvelous flower arrangements. 
Magnaflor ® is our parent company. Magnaflor has nine years of experience offering the best quality flowers. We  commercialize all the varieties of flowers grown in Ecuador and ship directly from our farms to any location worldwide. Our process guarantees an unsurpassable flower vase life. We provide full support to our wholesalers and direct customers ensuring freshness, fully completed orders, punctuality, and fast delivery times. Our customer’s success is our success, we care about every detail!

Liven up all people’s lives around the world with vibrant and unique flowers, offering personalized service, the best-possible product quality, and guaranteed satisfaction.

Be the best online flower shop in the world, recognized by our unrivaled quality, customer service, and innovative products.

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