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About Us

At Magnaflor You® we specialize in curating color-inspired "design-it-yourself" Fresh Flower Boxes full of the highest quality seasonal blooms, and all the bits and greens you need to make your own magnificent flower arrangements. We ship from our farm in Ecuador, to your doorstep, in just a few days. 

- Female Founded & Owned -

Our CEO, Heidi Franco  

Heidi has led Magnaflor®, our parent company, for over a decade and has experience offering the best quality flowers to customers around the world.

“Our process guarantees an unsurpassable flower life. We provide full support to our customers and ensure quality, freshness, and fast delivery.”

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Our Farms 

Ecuador's unique geographical location provides the perfect growing conditions for blooms & greens of larger size, longer life, and wide variety. Our flowers receive more hours of daylight than anywhere else in the world, guaranteeing the best quality.

30% of our revenue goes to helping Ecuadorian communities. When you buy our products, you support our cause. Thank you for being part of the Magnafor You family.

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